Who's Litovski?
Vital statistics
Quest Who's Litovski?
Map Liubech Suburbs
Location B4
Npc Litovski
Item Reward 20000 Combat XP
50000 Survival XP
50000 Support XP
Notebook with information about Litovski
Faction Mercenaries

Litovski represents the Mercenaries faction in the "Who is...?" quests.

You will have to speak to the following NPCs about Litovski.

Note: Some of them require a specific amount of reputation in a specific faction.

Woolf (Radius Camp, Tunguska)

Captain Feck-o (Whites Village, Liubech)

Prof. Simonov (Aegis Camp, Vezuvius)

Tackleberry, Shperling (Scientist Lab Liubech) - both require 1000 Rep in Mercenaries

Investigator, Zelenkin (Mercenary Camp, Vezuvius) - Zelenkin requires 2000 Rep in Mercenaries

Basmach (Liubech City) - requires 5000 Rep in Stalkers

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