Tunguska Aircraft
Vital statistics
Quest Tunguska Aircraft
Map Tunguska
Location B2-3
Npc Leonid Caesar
Money Reward 60000
Quest Chain
Tunguska Aircraft
Rescue Effort
Pandora's Box


Find the crashed aircraft in Tunguska


You can pay Corkscrew to tell you where it is, or just open your map and see it in the middle of the swamp. Interacting with the aircraft can be tricky, you want to stand right behind the aircraft, fairly closely, and look around until you get the gearbox.

There is a seeing sage right at the aircraft, and three shelled verlioka in the pond just north of the aircraft, along with a couple jellies south of the aircraft. Be carefull about clearing the area before trying to interact.

  • Rewards 5000 survival and support experience
  • Updated for 17/02/2016 patch

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