To Hell and Bck
Vital statistics
Quest To Hell and Bck
Map Luibech
Location 313-4 (Old Warehouse)
Npc Dead Body PDA
Item Reward ?

while searching old warehouse in Luibech 313-4, you will encounter a dead body with a PDA surrounded by small rats. activating PDA starts quest.

journal will be prompted for player to search Luibech Suburbs map E12-2. tigger point will be a circle of dead dog corpses and russian text in chat box.

journal will then be prompted to conversate with folks in Palace of Culture in Luibech 312-2 about the dead mutants.

if completed Looking for Stephan's Friend Quest, Stephan the Tramp (upstairs, Palace of Culture) will discuss the mutant crisis with player, and recommends asking scientists for help. (other NPC's may discuss if their mini quests have been completed; but unsure)


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