This quest is taken from Vasiliy in the abandoned house right after finishing "Mysterious Murder".

The Shadow of History
Vital statistics
Quest The Shadow of History
Map Airport
Location Abandoned Houses (B3)
Npc Exhausted Stalker
Item Reward 5000 Combat XP
25000 Survival XP
13000 Support XP
Quest Chain
Mysterious Murder
The Shadow of History
Stalker and Mercenary
Катись Колесо

  • Find the "digging site" in Tunguska, square Г2-3
  • Talk to the retired colonel about the old mines
  • Go to the village in the very northeast (31-3) of Tunguska and find a safe in one of the houses. You will get poisoned, so bring some Antidote
  • Talk to the retired colonel again, who tells you to talk to Wolf
  • Head over to Wolf and tell him you got what he said
  • Talk to Leonid Caesar (next to the stockman), the dialogue option is in russian. He will promise to help you dealing with Wolf if it becomes necessary
  • Talk to Wolf again to finish the quest

Important: Wolf is a real prick that constantly threatens and bullies you - nevertheless, try to pick the rather "polite" dialogue options while taking to him. If you do so, Wolf will ask you if you are interested in finding the person who hurt Vasiliy. Ask Wolf where you can find this person and he will eventually send you out to find Wheel, which leads to getting his quest "Stalker and Mercenary".

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