The Return of the Prodigal Brother
Vital statistics
Quest The Return of the Prodigal Brother
Map Airport
Npc Vadim Stupka
Item Reward 12/70 Buckshot 0000 (8 pellets)
12/76 Buckshot 00 (15 pellets)
7.62x39 Munitions (Armor Piercing)
Money Reward 200000


Find Vadim Stupka's lost brother.


Ask Shtaket about Vadim's Brother.

Ask Thievish Stockman in Bandit Cave.

Bring artifacts to Thievish Stockman to pay debt.

Find Sad Stalker in Caravan.

Return to Vadim.


Currently the quest awards the money and xp twice, resulting in 400000 rubles.

The quest gives 10 packs of each ammuntion (170 of each buckshot, 900 of the 7.62x39) and is somewhat heavy.

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