Stalker and Mercenary
Vital statistics
Quest Stalker and Mercenary
Map Tunguska
Location Camp "Radius" (B2-4)
Npc Wolf
Item Reward 150000 rubles
5000 Combat XP
45000 Survival XP
33000 Support XP
Quest Chain
Mysterious Murder
The Shadow of History
Stalker and Mercenary
Катись Колесо

This quest is doable since the patch of December 2nd 2015.

  • To start it, talk to Wolf in the "Radius" Camp in Tunguska.
  • Trigger ONLY the very first stake (see screenshot) at the western camp entrance.
  • Then walk straight to Yager (Б8-2), your journal gets updated when you get close to his campfire
  • Talk to Yager, who turns out to be Wheel, the guy Wolf is looking for
  • Go back to Wolf and tell him what Wheel said.

Important: By all means save yourself some time and just trigger the very first stake. You do not have to follow all the stakes to Yagers campfire. This quest can easily be done solo this way.

After this quest you should talk to Wolf again to get the quest "Pathfinder".
Shot 095

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