Medicine Edit

Heals for 30 hp

Give the Psychomotor Stimulant effect for 10 minutes.

  • Psychomotor Stim. Effect: If knocked unconscious while having this buff, after 30seconds will get back up with the normal weakend debuff as if someone got you up with their medkit.

Recipe Edit

Needed Skill:

Medicine 10

Success 100%; Craft time : 1 second

  • Hypericum Inflorescence x1
  • Spider Venom Tube x1
  • Pills "Analgin" x1
  • Cloudberry x2
  • 5 ml Single-use Syringe x1
  • Pale Toadstool Mushroom x1
  • Pills "No-spa" x2
  • Dandelion Root x1
  • Alcohol (very toxic) x1

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