Shepelev's Susicions(sic)
Vital statistics
Quest Shepelev's Susicions(sic)
Map Airport
Location E4
Npc Shepelev
Quest Chain
Cheap Tickets
Shepelev's Susicions
Searching Shepelev's Sister

Summary Edit

Shepelev thinks Salnikov is planning something against him... find out what's going on.

Steps Edit

  1. Talk to Fedor Salnikov in the garage next door and accept his quest Kill the Impenetrable
  2. "Tell Shepelev about the Conversation with Salnikov": Return to Shepelev and tell him there is nothing to worry about
  3. "Pass Shepelev's Message to the Pilot": Talk to the pilot about your cheap flight

Notes Edit

  • Each step begins a new quest
  • The reward is a flight to either New Land or Tunguska discounted to 25 000 rubles
  • Unlike Cheap Tickets, you don't need to redeem the reward in order to progress
  • The title of the quest is misspelled in the game

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