Secret Base
Vital statistics
Quest Secret Base
Map Airport
Location E4
Npc Fedor Salnikov
Item Reward Large Field Ration (2 pcs), Matches (10 pcs), Paramedic Medkit (2 pcs)
Assault Rifle Silencer 7.62x39
Antirad (3 pcs)
F1 Frag Grenade (2 pcs)
7.62x39 AP Ammunition (180 rounds)
Money Reward 50000


Fedor Salnikov asked you to find information regarding a secret base in Tunguska.


  1. Talk to the Guide in Tunguska hunter's camp, who will send you to find Arkasha
  2. Talk to Arkasha Flybane in Tunguska square Д7-2. He will ask for 2 toadstool mushrooms before telling you the location of the the Tesla tower and "Zakat" base
  3. Visit both the Tesla tower (Г4-1) and the "Zakat" base (Ж7-4)
  4. Return to Arkasha with 2 slabs of raw meat
  5. Travel to Caravan and talk to Diogenes (Ж6-2). He will tell you a very long story
  6. Return to Salnikov for your reward


  • Each stage of the quest will start a new, separate quest in the quest chain
  • Arkasha will not accept the meat until after you visit the necessary locations

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