Searching Shepelev's Sister
Vital statistics
Quest Searching Shepelev's Sister
Map Airport
Location E4
Npc Shepelev
Item Reward Bootsmann's Jacket
Money Reward 170000

Summary Edit

Quest Chain
Cheap Tickets
Shepelev's Susicions
Searching Shepelev's Sister

Shepelev asked you to find his sister whom he was separated from since the outburst of the Zone. His only clue to her whereabouts was her ex-husband, Mitya Cool.

Steps Edit

  1. Talk to Mitya Cool in the flooded village in square Д7 (be careful of the many wild dogs around him)
  2. "Looking for Shepelev's Sister: Alcohol for Mitya Cool": Bring 20 bottle of Alcohol (very toxic) to Mitya
  3. "Looking for Shepelev's Sister: New Land": Talk to the Dispatcher in New Land who is in fact Shepelev's sister Zinaida Fadeevna
    • She will ask for her brother's full name, answer "Prockor Fadeevich Shepelev"
    • She will then ask for the name of his brother-in-law, answer "Dmitriy Ivanovich shepelev"
    • Accept the offer to look for her son
  4. "Searching Shepelev's Sister.": Talk to the pilot Guide in Tunguska square Ж3-4
  5. "Searching Shepelev's Sister": Talk to Arkasha Flybane in Tunguska square Д6-4 and answer "Dmitriy Ivanovich"
  6. "Searching Shepelev's Sister: Meat for Arkasha Flybane": Give 20 fried meat to Arkasha
  7. "Searching Shepelev's Sister: Toadstool Mushrooms for Arkasha Flybane": Give 30 Toadstool Mushrooms to Arkasha
  8. "Searching Shepelev's Sister: Letter for Zinaida": Deliver the Letter to Zinaida Fadeevna
    • Completing this stage rewards 70 000 rubles
    • The letter is not a marked quest item, so don't lose it
  9. "Searching Shepelev's Sister": Deliver the Parcel to Shepelev to finish the quest and get your remaining reward

Notes Edit

  • Each step in this quest starts a new quest
  • Rewards 1000 combat, 1000 support, 3000 survival experience
  • You will need to travel between the Airport, New Land and Tunguska several times during this quest chain, as the travel costs are expensive it's recommended to take this quest and finish each part during your other travels

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