Save Temon
Vital statistics
Quest Save Temon
Map Vesuvius
Location 39-3
Npc Chereshnikov
Quest Chain
Find the Murderer
Temon's Mystery
Temon's Clone
Save Temon
Cigarettes for Temon


Chereshikov thinks Temon can be saved by a doctor.


  • Go to Zelenkin in Д3-4.
  • Bring Zelenkin a shelled verlioka leg.
  • Bring Zelenkin two Ryabinovka tinctures, four Brusnikovka tinctures, and 2 Hell-of-a-ride tinctures.

Alternatively you can also talk to the Veterinarian in the Whites Village. To make you a potion for Temon he requires one of each:

  • Hog Tusk
  • Hog Leg
  • Shelled Verliok Leg
  • Shield Alpha
  • Stabilizer Alpha

The potion you get must then be brought to Temon who sits in his cave near the lighthouse in New Land.


The mats for the barters with Timokha (only required if you talk to Zelenkin) are:

  • 6x Condy's Crystals
  • 8x Copper Sulfate
  • 6x Concentrated Spider Venom
  • 1260x 5.45x39 AP-T
  • 15x Mirage
  • 10x Alcohol
  • 52x Fragrant Orchid
  • 88x Tansy Flower
  • 82x Calamus
  • 4x Bear's Blood
  • 2x Rubber a
  • 8x Verlioka Blood

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