Summary Edit

Riddle Collector
Vital statistics
Quest Riddle Collector
Map Airport
Location Б4
Npc Reddy
Item Reward 459375 Combat XP
525000 Survival XP
525000 Support XP
Money Reward 3000000

Reddy is bored and wants you to get him riddles.

In order to activate this quest with Reddy, you require 2000 Stalker Reputation.

*Note there is a bug in the translation saying you need to bring him only 10 riddles, you actually have to get them all*

  • Riddle 1: 5 Pillow Alpha for Sad Stalker (Caravan)
  • Riddle 2: 12 Strawberries for Diogenes (Caravan)
  • Riddle 3: Kill 10 boars for Ahmed (Ryabinushka, Vezuvius)
  • Riddle 4: 10 Verliok legs for Dr. Whatman (near Aegis Camp, Vezuvius)
  • Riddle 5: 5 Repair Kits and 5 Aceton Peroxide for Ex-Master of Distillery (Distillery, Vezuvius)
  • Riddle 6: 2 Slow fiend paws for Litan Selektevich (Fiend Lab, New Land)
  • Riddle 7: 12 Polar Dog Jaws for Spit (Lighthouse, New Land)
  • Riddle 8: Talk to Toadstool, then to Shtaket in Liubech City, then report back (Whites Village, Liubech)
  • Riddle 9: 5 Tansy Flower and 10 Bracket Fungus for Timokha the Hermit (Swamps, Vezuvius)
  • Riddle 10: 30 12/76 0000 ammo for Trapper (City Gates, Liubech)
  • Riddle 11: Talk to Fifer (Д11-2) in Lubech Suburb
  • Riddle 12: Talk to Dirty Yuri, then talk to Bald near Chemical Burial, then report back (Liubech)
  • Riddle 13: 10 Hypericum Inflorescences OR 10 Daisy Inflorescences for Hatter (Palace of Culture, Liubech City)
  • Riddle 14: 3 AKMS Barrel for Mokrukh (Bandit Cave, Liubech)
  • Riddle 15: 5 Small Oil Can for Vadim Stupka (Control Tower Building, Airport)
  • Riddle 16: 3 Energetics for Fedor (Kindergarden, Liubech City)
  • Riddle 17: Talk to Investigator (Mercenaries Camp, Vezuvius)
  • Riddle 18: 1 Tokarev TT Pistol for Ivy the Bartender (Station, Liubech City)
  • Riddle 19: Talk to Spit the Pusher (New Land)
  • Riddle 20: 30 E-Parts and 2 Stimulators for Vetrichenko (Lighthouse, Airport)

Note: To get the most out of this quest, hand it in with a 3x Premium and at least 3 intelligence perks, so that you will get about 1.5kk-1.8kk XP each.

Also note that the riddle numbers have changed multiple times in the past, so it might happen that f.e. Riddle 7 turns out to be Riddle 13 - it doesn't change anything though.

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