Summary Edit

Rest in Piece
Vital statistics
Quest Rest in Piece
Map Vesuvius
Location Ж3-2
Npc Vanya Hell
Item Reward Short-term effect Psychomotor Drug
Can of stewed meat x2
0.5 Liter Bottle of Water
Money Reward 10000

Vanya asks you to kill 30 Sages (Doesn't matter which kind can be done in any zone) and collect 10 Daisy Inflorescence to put on his friends grave in the cemetery in Vesuvius И8-1. The friends gave is the one with the large stone cross at the south end of the graveyard.


  • 8000 Combat
  • 3000 Survival
  • 5000 Support
Quest Chain
Express Delivery
Eliminating Fiends
Снайперская работа
Rat Killer
Serial Hunter
Lead Price
Rest In Piece
Safety bag

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