Vital statistics
Quest Pathfinder
Map Tunguska
Location Camp "Radius"
Npc Wolf
Item Reward 300000 rubles
15000 Combat XP
100000 Survival XP
75000 Support XP
Quest Chain
Mysterious Murder
The Shadow of History
Stalker and Mercenary
Катись Колесо

This quest can be taken from Wolf after finishing "Stalker and Mercenary".

Your task is to find a scientist named Felix and get his documents to Wolf.

The quest has two possible endings - you can give the documents to Wolf or keep them for yourself.

The rewards listed refer to actually giving him the documents.

  • Find the wrecked boat in square A5-1. Search it.
  • Felix dried his clothes at a fireplace in the top left corner of square Б4-3. Take a look at his diary near the fireplace.
  • His stuff got carried away to the east by the stream of the river. Find the next diary in square Б4-1.
  • From there head to Б5-4. Trigger the diary and the stake right next to it.
  • Follow the stakes of the scientist to Б5-2. Then your journal tells you to "find the path Felix took".
  • Head east and find a dead body under the railroad in B4-2. Don't forget to hit the diary.
  • Go back to Camp Radius and talk to Wolf, he will ask you if you found something.
  • Choose the first option to let him have the documents - or choose the second one to keep it (answers might be in russian)

After giving Wolf the documents and finishing this quest, Wolf will offer you a third quest that can be taken every 24 hours called "Катись Колесо".

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