Mysterious Murder
Vital statistics
Quest Mysterious Murder
Map Airport
Location Control Tower (E4)
Npc None
Item Reward 1000 Combat XP
15000 Survival XP
20000 Support XP
Quest Chain
Mysterious Murder
The Shadow of History
Stalker and Mercenary
Катись Колесо

  • To start the quest, enter a small house right next to the control tower (E4)
  • As soon as you enter the room where the corpse is in, you automatically start the quest. Search the body on the floor
  • Bring the documents you found on the dead body to Simonov in the scientists camp in Vezuvius
  • He will ask you to bring 20 E-Parts to him in order to research the documents for you
  • Once delivered, Simonov sends you to talk to Courier, who is at the Palace of Culture in Liubech City
  • Courier will ask you to wait for "2 days". It will take about 5 minutes of real time, you will notice when your journal gets updated. Then talk to Courier again.
  • Travel to the Airport again, make sure to have at least 1 medium medkit, 1 loaf of bread and 1 0.5L bottle of water with you. Find a dead body near the water in square 32
  • Now head to the control tower and ask Hood what he knows about Vasiliy
  • Hood sends you to Reddy in Б4, so go ahead and ask him too
  • Reddy recommends to search the abandoned houses for Vasiliy. You will find an exhausted stalker on the 2nd floor of a black-ish wooden house near the firestation/apartments
  • Give the medkit, bread and water to him and listen what Vasiliy has to say

This will finish the current quest and immediately give you the next one called "The Shadow of History".

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