Looking for Secret Documents
Vital statistics
Quest Looking for Secret Documents
Map Airport
Location E4
Npc Fedor Salnikov
Money Reward 60000

Summary Edit

Salnikov asked you to find Secret Documents from a crashed copter in Caravan.

Quest Chain
Kill the Impenetrable
Looking for Secret Documents

Steps Edit

  1. Talk to the Guide in Caravan square Б6-4
  2. Talk to Diogenes about the copter and then take the option to travel to the island
  3. Ring the bell on the east end of the island (it seems unnecessary to actually check the copter on the island)
  4. Talk to Diogenes again and then bring him 20 cans of stewed meat
  5. Take the Documents back to Salnikov to finish the quest

Notes Edit

  • A trip to caravan is expensive, it's recommended to bring the stewed meat the first time to avoid an unnecessary second trip
  • Each stage of the quest will complete and start a new, separate quest
  • Rewards 3000 survival, 5000 combat experience

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