Looking For Stephan's Friend
Vital statistics
Quest Looking For Stephan's Friend
Map Luibech/Luibech Suburbs
Location 312-2 Luibech, 311-2 Suburbs
Npc Stephan the Tramp
Item Reward 1000 rouble
+200 Stalkers rep, + 100 Hunter rep, +50 Bandit rep, +20 Science/White
-200 Merc rep, -40 Trader rep

Quest Giver: Stephan the Tramp 312-2 (upstairs, Palace of Culture)

NPC sends you to search for his friend (Vitya?)

Leave CPL Drouz's Gate

Head North 1.5 blocks

Body on stairs, behind building 311-2

Lost Stalker

Stephans Dead Friend

Lost Stalker map

Map Coord of Quest trigger

Recover PDA (microcomputer)

Return to NPC

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