Summary Edit

Ingredients for Balsam
Vital statistics
Quest Ingredients for Balsam
Map New Land
Location Б3
Npc Zinaida Fadeevna (Dispatcher)
Item Reward Reward bag

Zinaida agreed to make the Balsam if you bring the ingredients.

Steps Edit

Bring 10 Blueberries, 3 plantain leaves, 5 Daisies, 2 Valerian, 2 Hypericum, 5 Moss and 1 Moonshine to Zinaida

Notes Edit

  • The reward bag has 30% chance to drop the balsam and 70% chance to drop stewed meat.
  • May be repeated as often as desired
  • Requires having quest Hunter's Gloves for Balsam active to initiate this quest for the first time

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