Info Collector
Vital statistics
Quest Info Collector
Map Liubech
Location 313-3
Npc Alex
Item Reward POSP 8x42 Sniper Scope
Money Reward 15000

This Quest requires you to complete quests for 3 Different npcs, Stick, Shtaket, and Sargent Drachuk

To Complete this quest You must do all the quests for Stick (313-3) until you get the quest to retrieve the package behind the benches. During this quest before turn in talk to Alex he will tell you to bring the package to him first to switch it out before you take to stick. Wait 10mins and pickup the fake package and deliver to stick.

For Srg. Drachuk do the quests until he gives you the quest to clear the warehouse for the paratroopers, (shoot dogs and rats)

For Shtaket, do all the quests including the Four Arts quest. The arts quest will take the longest as you have to find a alpha screen, stabilizer, pillow, and shield (hardest of the 4 to find). After this give alex your reports to complete the quest.