Hunting Vest for Balsam
Vital statistics
Quest Hunting Vest for Balsam
Map Caravan
Location T6-2
Npc Leshich
Item Reward Hunting Vest
Quest Chain
Hunter's Gloves for Balsam
Hunting Pants and Fishing Boots for Balsam
Hunter's Hat for Balsam
Hunter's Pants for Balsam
Hunting Vest for Balsam
Hunting Jacket for Balsam

Summary Edit

Leshich promised you his Hunting Vest for a fifth bottle of Balsam by Zinaida Fadeevna.

Steps Edit

Bring Leshich a bottle of Balsam by Zinaida Fadeevna

Notes Edit

  • Balsam may be obtained in quest Ingredients for Balsam or alternatively bought from other stalkers
  • Not to be confused with the next quest in the chain with the same name

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