Guides are located all over the Zone and are willing to take you to other areas for a fee. In many cases they are the only way to travel to new places. Below is a list of all the Guides currently operating in the Zone.



Liubech Suburbs Edit

  • Б10-3: travels to Airport И5 for 10 000 rub.
  • Д12-1: travels to Airport И9 for 10 000 rub.
  • O3-4: travels to Airport E3 for 5 000 rub. (requires high bandit reputation)

Vesuvius Edit

  • Ж4-4: travels to New Land B3-4 for 30 000 rub. (dialog will incorrectly say 20 000)

New Land Edit

  • B3-4: travels to Vesuvius Ж4-4 for 20 000 rub.
  • B3-1: travels to Airport E3 for 20 000 rub. (dialog will incorrectly say 30 000)
  • Г3-1: travels to Tunguska B2-3 (Radius) for 8 000 (requires ticket)

Airport Edit

  • И9: travels to Liubech Д12-1 for 10 000 rub.
  • И5: travels to Liubech Б10-3 for 10 000 rub.
  • E3: travels to either New Land B3-1 or Tunguska Ж4-4 for 30 000 rub.

Tunguska Edit

  • B2-3 (Radius camp): travels to Caravan Б6-4 for 120 000 rub.
  • Б8-2 (Yager): travels to Caravan АЖ6-1 for 80 000 rub.
  • Ж4-4: travels to Airport E3 for 50 000 (dialog will incorrectly say 1 000)

Caravan Edit

  • Б6-4: travels to Tunguska B2-3 (Radius camp) for 20 000 (dialog will incorrectly say 500 to Liubech or 1 000 to Airport)
  • АЖ6-1: travels to Tunguska Б8-2 (Yager) for 10 000 rub. (dialog will incorrectly say Liubech)

Other Guides Edit

  • Liubech Suburbs З12-3, З12-2 and З11-4 "Porter" will take you into Liubech for free
  • Corporal Drouz (Liubech З11-4) will take you to the Suburbs for free after completing The Scout: Reports from Dibenko
  • Corporal Kazakov (Liubech З12-2) will take you to the Suburbs for 500 rubles any time after doing several quests for Courier
  • Corporal Kvashina (Liubech З12-3) will take you to the Suburbs for 700 rubles after completing quests for Sanek, or for free after completing Kill a hog
  • Bugor will get you out of Jail for 500 000
  • Kozyemhaka will get you out of Jail for free (requires Karma less than 200)

Inactive Guides Edit

These Guides are no longer offering service and won't take you anywhere.

  • Spit the Pusher at the Lighthouse in New Land
  • Guide in the Underground Bar, Vesuvius

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