• You can sit by pressing the numpad + key.  Sitting raises your healing rate significantly.
  • Always carry wood and matches or a bonfire on you at all times. The zone is huge and your character will get hungry. You can use dog heads, spider legs, boar legs, bear heads, and mushrooms you find in the zone as edible food once cooked. You can only place one item at a time so your stacks have to be divded into 1's to place onto bonfire. Also carry water bottles to replenish your thirst level until you can buy a survival kit off the market board or in Vesuvius Д3-4, They are around 1800-3000 on the board. These kits can be used at wells (clean water) or any water source (dirty water). When you get the icon that says your at a water source, open inventory and right click your survival kit and hit fill. If you filled with dirty water you can cleanse it by cooking the kit on your bonfire.
  • You can't gather Artifacts until you either purchase a Prototype MGD or MGD from either the market board or scientist camp (Lubech Suburb M11-4 and Vesuvius 38-4). The regular MGD picks up artifacts faster, weighs less, and consumes less batteries. The prototype is about 14k and the regular is around 75-80k
  • Becareful of your Reputation with certain factions. Once you gain -1000 with any faction, the npcs of that faction will become hostile toward you and shoot you on site. Do repeatable quests for said faction to repair your reputation with them.
  • Make sure to always have a medkit, bandages, and antidotes. You can drag any med from your inventory to a player you are close to offer that person aid. You can also use medkits to revive down players by pressing your use key over them and using drugs. If you are revived in this way you will have a debuff on you where you only have 1/3 of your max health. This must be removed by sitting near a campfire. Bleeding and Poison must be removed by medkits/bandage and antidotes respectively as these debuffs do not fall off. Once you move into the more dangerous areas of the zone where radiation becomes an issues Antirads will also be added to the list of must haves.
  • Beware of Players with Red names. They are Player Killers. You gain Karma for killing a player, getting over 200 karma will make your name red. Players who are killed by those with red names have the option to put a bounty on their heads which can be taken by any player on the market board under Hunting. If said player who has a bounty on their head  is killed or has  karma of 500+ and killed will be sent to jail. To lower your karma, kill mutants.
  • Vendors pay different prices.  For most of what you'll end up selling, you only want to sell to 'Loot Vendors', who will pay about 5x as well for dog heads, rat tails, etc.  The first loot vendor you will find is in the second sector at the militia base. Scientists pay the most for Artifacts and Repairmen pay the most for weapon parts. If they are to far and you are afraid of making the journey just sell to a Loot vendor.
  • Some missions are immediately repeatable, others are repeatable after 24 hours.  
  • You have a chance to drop items from your inventory if you die, and anyone can pick them up.  You should make use of your vault to store items you don't immediately need, so you don't risk losing them.
  • The chat window has a built-in translation feature. Right-click on that russian text and select translate to have it open the translation window. Press the RU->EN button to translate. You can also translate from EN->RU and have it copy that text to the chat window if you need to communicate something to a russian speaker.
  • Sounds are important. Dogs barking either means one has aggro'd, or one has spawned nearby.
  • Skills can be reset once every 24hours with the command /ichangedmymind