Find the Murderer
Vital statistics
Quest Find the Murderer
Map Liubech
Location И12-1
Npc Sanek the old Coon
Money Reward 15000
Quest Chain
Find the Murderer
Temon's Mystery
Temon's Clone
Save Temon
Cigarettes for Temon
Spirit for Temon


Find who murdered Sanek's friend.



You will travel to just about every zone following this quest. At the end, you can either choose 15000 rubles, or the items you initially gave him (Kolobok, medkits and ammo). Neither reward comes close to offsetting the costs of travel, so it's probably best to only do this as a side quest when you're travelling already.

You will start out asking people in the Station in Liubech, move to the HQ, and palace, out to 310, then to the village of the white, O10 bandit camp, back to 310, then to Tunguska to talk to the Colonel, and finally to New Land to find the murderer, and return to Sanek.

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