Earned Trust
Vital statistics
Quest Earned Trust
Map Liubech Suburbs
Location B4
Npc Litovski
Item Reward 6000 Combat XP
35000 Survival XP
17500 Support XP
Money Reward 200000
Faction Mercenaries

  • Take the quest from Litovski
  • Travel to Tunguska. Speak to Wolf in the Radius Camp
  • Since Litovski gave you no proof that he sent you, Wolf has to check himself if you speak the truth. Wait for at least 6 hours for him to finish his check - a separate quest will pop up and complete itself as soon as the wait is over
  • Wolf then sends you out to find a parcel in square 35-1 in Tunguska. It is actually located in the attic of a small hut
  • Bring the parcel back to Wolf, he will hand you some documents for Litovski
  • Go back to Litovski in Liubech Suburbs and give him the documents

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