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Cheap Tickets
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Summary Edit

Shepelev can arrange a cheap flight in exchange for a favour.

Steps Edit

  1. To start the quest talk to the pilot and say "I have no money", then talk to Shepelev at the top of the control tower (square E4)
  2. "Figure out what is the issue with the connection": Talk to Vetrichenko in the control tower square Ж5
  3. "Hand a Message from Vetrichenko": Tell Shepelev that Vetrichenko needs 10 metres of cable
  4. "Cable for Vetrichenko": Give the cable to Vetrichenko
  5. "Weather Forecast": Return to Shepelev with the roundup
  6. "Pass Shepelev's Message to the Pilot": Talk to the pilot about your cheap flight

Notes Edit

  • The reward is supposed to be a flight discounted to 10 000 rubles, however this is currently bugged and you will be charged the normal price of 30 000
  • Each step begins a new quest
  • It is necessary to finish step 6 and take the flight in order to progress to the next quest in the chain

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