Quests that give WeaponsEdit

A few of the many quests in Stalker Online can result in a new weapon.

Weapon Quest
Makarov Pistol Liubech
Tokarev TT pistol Cleaning the Neighbourhood
Tokarev TT pistol Searching Dersu
TOZ-34 Shotgun Stewed Meat for a Gun
TOZ-34 Shotgun Оружейный взнос
IMI UZI SMG Searching Dersu
M1 Garand Rifle Good Racket
Ruger Mini 14 Rifle Good Intentions
Scorpion VZ61 SMG Cleaner
MAC-10 SMG Wild Hunt: Final Stage
AKS74U Assault Rifle Wild Hunt: Closing the season
AK102 Assault Rifle Худой мир: Звезда солдата

Quests that give 'Reward Bags' that may contain weaponsEdit



The June 9th patch removed both the Mac-10 and the AKMS from Dibenko's quest chain. The Mac-10 is now the reward for the final stage of Wild Hunt, instead of the Spectre.

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