Riddle Quests Edit

1 Самую малость Caravan
2 Strawberry for Diogenes Caravan
3 Dirty Pigs Vesuvius
4 Дай лапу! Vesuvius
5 Снабженец Vesuvius
6 Cold Hands New Land
7 Controlling Mutant Population New Land
8 Arguments and Facts Liubech Suburbs
9 Three Barrels Liubech Suburbs
10 Riddle for Rounds Liubech Suburbs
11 Riddle 11 Liubech Suburbs
12 Good Intentions Liubech Suburbs
13 Hypericum Inflorences Liubech
14 Eagle Bolt Liubech
15 Oil Cans Airport
16 Getting Cold Liubech
17 Riddle 17 Vesuvius
18 Просто для запаха! Vesuvius
19 Riddle 19 New Land
20 Iron Man Airport

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