Faction QuestsEdit

Many of the repeatable quests available in Stalker Online are primarily to earn or adjust faction standing with the various factions. Most of these are repeatable once every 24 hours.

Opposing Factions Edit

The six major factions are set in an opposing manner. The Military, Mercenaries, and Traders oppose the Bandits, Stalkers, and Pushers. The practical result of this is that doing a quest for one faction will lower your standing with it's opposite.

  • Military faction quests lower Bandit faction
  • Mercenary faction quests lower Stalker faction
  • Trader faction quests lower Pusher faction

Fortunately, there are secondary faction awards for these quests that will allow you to build up faction overall. The primary award will be +200 for the faction of the quest, and -200 for it's opposing faction. The secondary awards will usually be +100 and +50 for the two allied factions, and -40 to one ally of the opposing faction. Overall you gain 110 faction.

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