Black Hawk Down
Vital statistics
Quest Black Hawk Down
Map Liubech
Location 313-2
Npc Sergeant Dibenko
Money Reward 350000


Find the pilots of three crashed helicopters.


  • Find the first pilot
    • Find the helicopter (Liubech Suburb - 312-1)
    • Talk to Local Man (Liubech Suburb - 312-1)
    • Give Vitamins to Local Man (Liubech Suburb - 312-1)
    • Talk to Gourmet (Liubech Suburb - )
    • Talk to Leader of the White (Liubech Suburb - )
    • Talk to Fin in Ryunibinka (Vesuvius A6-4)
    • Talk to Zelenkin at the radio tower town (Vesuvius E3-3)
    • Talk to Timokha the Hermit (Vesuvius - )
    • Retrieve the note from the campfire (Vesuvius - )
    • Find the pilot in the basement in Novikoko (Vesuvius Ж2-4)
  • Find the second pilot (Vesuvius Ж1-2)
  • Find the third pilot (Tunguska A2-4)


10000 Survival

17000 Support


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