Big hunt
Vital statistics
Quest Big hunt
Map Liubech Suburbs
Location Ж10-2
Npc Morozov
Item Reward Cynologist Suit

Summary Edit

Morozov promised to give you his old cynologist suit if you kill 10 of every mutant and 3 of each subspecies in the zone.

Steps Edit

Slay 10 Mutant Rats

  • Kill 3 Rats in the military warehouse in Liubech
  • Kill 3 Rats in Lubech Kindergarten
  • Kill 3 Rats in Eisenstein's Lab
  • Kill 3 Rats at Fifer's post
  • Kill 3 Rat Kings (around Д10-3, just off the west side of the road)

Slay 10 Mutant Dogs

  • Kill 3 Big Mutant Dog in Liubech (the large ones that spawn among pups at the apartments beside the police station)
  • Kill 3 Dogs not far from the former militia station in Liubech (these are actually the pups in the large yard directly north-west of the police station and will also count toward the 10 pups instead of mutant dogs)
  • Kill 3 mutated Dogs at the Stadium
  • Kill 3 mutated Dogs outside the Distilled Spirits Plant (square B9, vesuvius)
  • Kill 3 mutated Dogs that are chasing the pope (the "pope" is Priest, square З10-2)

Slay 10 Mutant Puppies

  • Kill 3 mutated pups inside the abandoned military warehouse in Liubech
  • Kill 3 mutated pups outside the village not far from the Station (north-east, past the houses)
  • Kill 3 mutated Pups that are hiding behind the former militia station (the ones in front of Kapustin)

Slay 10 Mutant Spiders

  • Kill 3 Spiders inside the Kindergarten in Liubech
  • Kill 3 Spiders in Eisenstein's Lab
  • Kill 3 Wood Spiders (square H8)
  • Kill 3 Peat Spiders (square H9-3)
  • Kill 3 Cany Spiders (square O11)
  • Kill 3 Spiders by the Chemical Waste Disposal (near Voronin square H14)
  • Kill 1 Big Spider (found in the deepest part of the Brutor cave square M2 - spawns once per hour)

Slay 10 Mutant Boars

Slay 10 Mutant Bears

Slay 10 Verliocks

Slay 10 Fiends

  • Kill 3 Lame Fiends (found in the shooting range)
  • Kill 3 Lab Animals (the fiends found inside the Lab in New Land)

Slay 10 Blyaks

  • Kill 3 Blyaks in Eisenstein's Lab

Slay 10 Brutors

Slay 10 Sages

Slay 10 Silvans or Bogies

  • Kill 3 Bogies by the station (inside the houses)

Slay 10 Forsaken creatures

Slay 10 Jellies

Notes Edit

  • Rewards 100 000 combat, 800 000 survival, 500 000 support experience

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