This simple guide was created to give new (and returning) players an idea how to use and handle artifacts, including the use of artifact containers.

1. You can sell artifacts to loot buyers for a quick buck. Artifact hunting is a common source of income for stalkers.

2. Artifacts are necessary in many rewarding quests where NPCs will ask you to bring certain amounts of artifacts.

3. NPCs only accept artifacts that have at least 51% of their respective charge left.

4. It is therefore recommended to store artifacts for quests in containers.

5. Container recipes can be bought at the scientist lab in M11-4 Liubech, the big container recipe costs around 10k.

6. The big container can safely store up to 5 artifacts at the same time while also preserving the artifacts charges.

7. Artifacts stored in these containers use a charge of the container each time you put one in or take one out.

8. When the containers charge is at 0, you need to apply stabilized solution to the container to recharge the container.

9. Unstable Solution recipe can be bought at the same trader, in M11-4.

10. Unstable solution must be treated with heat, meaning you must cook it on a bonfire.

11. You will then get an Old stabilized solution, which you can exchange at a Repairman NPC for Stabilized Solution.

12. The solution you get has 50 charges, a big container has 9 charges, meaning you can fully recharge 5 containers using 1 solution.

13. When you bring artifacts in a container to an NPC for a quest do not take them out of the container. The NPC will take them out without using a container charge.

14. To hunt artifacts, you must stand at the edge of an anomaly and activate your MGD. Then press Tab and click on the dot, if you do it right numbers and arrows pop up.

15. Imitate the numbers and arrows you see on your keyboard and you will get the artifact in your backpack. To put it into a container, simply drag and drop it into the container in your inventory.

16. It is recommended to buy the MGD at the Aegis Scientist Camp (square 38-4) in Vezuvius since it catches artifacts a lot faster and has less battery use than the cheaper prototype.

17. Once you got one attach it to your gadgets belt simply be clicking "equip". You then need to have 4x 9V batteries in your inventory to fully charge the MGD.

18. Go into your gadgets belt and press "charge" on your MGD. It is now ready for use. Having your MGD open drains it's state and charge. Catching an artifact uses additional charge.

19. As long as your MGD is attached to your gadgets belt it can not drop in case of death.

20. An MGD can be repaired by any repairman NPC.

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