Третья сторона (The third side)
Vital statistics
Quest Третья сторона (The third side)
Map Vesuvius
Location Д3-4
Npc Investigator
Money Reward 7200
Quest Chain
Time to collect rocks...
Третья сторона
Patched-up Peace
Patched-up Peace: Conditions and Targets
Patched-up Peace: News from the Field
Худой мир: Звезда солдата
Quest Chain
Time to collect rocks...
Третья сторона
Sick War
Sick War - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Notes Edit

There are four potential outcomes from this quest chain. You may choose peace, or war. Then you may choose to side with the Military, or with the Bandits. The reward is quite different for each path.

Peace - Mlitary : AK102 Assault Rifle and Suhar Armored Vest Peace - Bandit  : Scorpion VZ61 SMG and Singlet Armored Vest

War - Military : Chak Pants

War - Bandits  : Bandito Face Wrap

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