Сеятель хаоса
Vital statistics
Quest Сеятель хаоса
Map Vesuvius
Location Ж3-2
Npc Vanya Hell
Money Reward 5000
Quest Chain
Express Delivery
Eliminating Fiends
Снайперская работа
Серийный охотник
Оружейный взнос
Покойся с миром
Подушка безопасности
Деловые связи
Сеятель хаоса
Не тайный тайник


Иван Ад планирует разрушить инфраструктуру "белых". Для этого надо перехватить вражеского посыльного, двигающегося по дороге с севера мимо поселка Новиково на Везувии.

(Ivan Hell plans to destroy the infrastructure of the "white". For this we need to seize the enemy's messenger, moving north along the road past the village Novikovo on Vesuvius.)



This is another 'kill the mercenary' quest. The downside is the mercenary tends to die in about 30 seconds, and is several minutes away from Vanya.

To deal with this, you must clear the silvan and possibly the jellies that will aggro him. This will give you a bit more time before he dies to anomolies in the road near the helicopter.

Alternatively, you can set your spawn point at E1-1, and simply kill yourself for the quick trip there and easily catch up to him. (the /command '/iwannadie' will kill you in 60 seconds.... it shows a counter, so you can pickup the quest when it hits 10 seconds)

This quest can be repeated every 6 hours.

This quest must be done 3 times to advance to the next quest.

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