Монтаж на выезде
Vital statistics
Quest Монтаж на выезде
Map Airport
Location E4
Npc Carl
Money Reward 15000
Quest Chain
осоые детаил
очень особая детаил
Монтаж на выезде
Большие уши
Свобода слова

Summary Edit

Carl asked you to install the device in the radio tower to the west in square Г4.

Steps Edit

  1. Go inside the building at square Г4 and interact with the electricity box in the corner and click to install the device from Carl. You will be presented with several options and it is important to select the correct ones
  2. Click on the option "Использовать синюю." (blue wire), you will be shown a second set of options to choose. Now we must click "Красный." (red terminal)
  3. Click on the option "Использовать зеленую." (green wire), then "Черный." (black terminal)
  4. Click on the option "Использовать" (use), then "Белый." (white terminal)
  5. If done correctly, the quest item will be removed from your inventory and you can return to Carl

Notes Edit

  • If you select the wrong options you will get the stun effect for 5 seconds, after which you will need to try again
  • Rewards 1500 survival, 3000 support experience
  • See below image for the exact order of the options
Electricity box

Select the options in the order shown

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