Катись Колесо
Vital statistics
Quest Катись Колесо
Map Tunguska
Location Camp "Radius"
Npc Wolf
Item Reward RGD-5 Grenade x2
2000 Combat XP
12000 Survival XP
7000 Support XP
Money Reward 80000 rubel
Faction Mercenaries

After finishing Wolfs "Pathfinder" quest in Tunguska, Wolf offers this daily quest to you.

You have to find and trigger 15 marks on your way to Wheel and ultimately speak to Wheel, then return to Wolf and hand in the quest. Take a look at the attached screenshot below for the exact location of the markers.



After doing this quest for the 2nd or 3rd time, Wheel will try to convince you to stop working with Wolf.

He will give you a quest called "Wheels conscience", you'll have to kill a bunch of jellies and find a dead guy in square Г4-3. After finishing this quest, Wheel offers to take you to Caravan for free to make you see what Wolf has done. This quest is called "Just Another Grave".

Also, when you return to Wolf after finishing "Wheels conscience", you will from now on have a dialogue option with Wolf to say "Your job smells bad...". This option will cancel your cooperation with Wolf and open up the chance to work with Leonid Cesar instead, who offers a different daily quest. Careful though: Once you deny Wolf, there is no way to get Wolfs daily quest again!

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