вывести ученого из клетки (Lead scientist of the cell)
Vital statistics
Quest вывести ученого из клетки (Lead scientist of the cell)
Map Vesuvius
Npc Simonov
Item Reward Paramedic Medkit


Convince Pattison to leave his cage and return to the science camp.



Quest Text: Доктор Патиссон закрылся в клетке неподалеку от лагеря ученых Везувия. Симонов обещает награду, если удастся убедить Патиссон покинуть клетку и вернуться к коллегам.

(Dr Pattinson closed in a cage near the camp of scientists Vesuvius. Simonov promises a reward if we can convince Pattinson to leave the cell and go back to his colleagues.)

There are several stages to this quest where you can either take Pattison's pro-mutant side, or Doctor Flayer's side. The reward may vary depending on which side you take.

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