воришка (thief)
Vital statistics
Quest воришка (thief)
Map Airport
Location E4
Npc Carl
Item Reward Moonshine (5 pcs)
Antidote (6 pcs)
Paramedic Kit
Money Reward 90000
Quest Chain
осоые детаил
очень особая детаил
Монтаж на выезде
Большие уши
Свобода слова

Summary Edit

A thief stole an important part from Carl.

Steps Edit

  1. Talk to the Local Man downstairs from Carl
  2. Go to the centre of the pit in the middle of square E2 and interact with the suitcase
  3. Return to Carl and give him the transformer
  4. Return to the Local Man and give him the jeans to finish the quest

Notes Edit

  • Rewards 15000 combat, 25500 survival, 15600 support experience
  • There are very many spiders in and around the pit, molotov cocktails and psychomotor stimulant may help to reach the suitcase

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